Thursday 23 November 2017

I was scared of Judge Judy, jokes Riverdance's Emma


Judge Judy on the Riverdance stage
Judge Judy on the Riverdance stage

The cast of Riverdance were left quaking in their dancing shoes as they took to the stage to perform for Judge Judy in Dublin this weekend.

The no-nonsense TV star, whose name is Judith Sheindlin (72), enjoyed a trip to the capital and popped into the Gaiety Theatre on Saturday to catch a matinee of the iconic Irish dance show.

The popular TV personality thanked the cast for their performance after the show.

However, lead dancer Emma Warren admitted she didn't know whether to be delighted or terrified when she met the formidable star.

"We heard rumours during the show that Judge Judy was in the crowd, but we thought it might just be a lookalike," Emma told the Herald.

"As soon as we saw her it was obvious it was actually her. After the show she came in to the green room and complimented us all and posed for a picture on stage - it was so nice.


"I was quite surprised because having only ever seen her on TV she seems quite mean and a bit scary."

While Emma was taken aback by Judy's calm demeanour, she was sure to keep on the right side of the legal eagle, who formerly worked in the Manhattan Family Court before launching her career on the courtroom reality TV show.

"She never mentioned why she was here and, to be honest, I didn't ask as I was too scared," said Emma.

It is unknown why the US star is staying in Ireland, but it has been rumoured that she is travelling on the luxury cruise liner The World, which arrived in Dublin over the weekend.

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