Wednesday 26 September 2018

'I was lost in a moment of reverie', admits Edge after tumble off stage


Musicians The Edge (L) and Bono attend the 25th annual Palm Springs Film Festival
Musicians The Edge (L) and Bono attend the 25th annual Palm Springs Film Festival
Bono, of the band U2, throws water at the crowd while the Edge watches as they perform in the band's first concert of their new world tour in Vancouver
Musicians The Edge (L) and Bono attend the 25th annual Palm Springs Film Festival
Édge Falls off stage

U2 have revealed that they were terrified their tour was over when The Edge fell off the stage during the opening night earlier this month.

The musician (53) tumbled off the stage mid-performance as the band played the first night of their Innocence and Experience tour in Vancouver.


Bassist Adam Clayton opened up about the heart-stopping moment, saying that he was "sick in the pit of my stomach" when his bandmate fell.

Drummer Larry Mullen also admitted he feared the worst, and was worried that the accident could have meant the "start and end" of their tour.

However, the guitarist, whose real name is Dave Evans, was uninjured in the fall and explained that he didn't realise how close he was to the edge of the stage at the time of the incident.

"It was a moment of reverie where I just completely lost track of where I was on the stage," he said.

"Out of the corner of my eye I could see the curve of the round and I thought I was already there.

"I stepped off on what I thought was the stage and I had basically cut the corner. It was one of those things you do only once."

While The Edge might have managed to come out the other side of his shocking fall unhurt, frontman Bono is still suffering the consequences of his bike accident late last year.

The singer (55), who broke his arm in six places while cycling in New York's Central Park last November, admitted that he still hasn't regained movement of some of his fingers and said that doctors "don't know" if he ever will.

Since the incident, the Dublin rocker has been taking his bandmates' advice and taking better care of his health.

"The Edge says that I look at my body like it's an inconvenience and I need to be more mindful," he said.

"I've been disagreeing with Edge all my life on musical matters but I'm starting to pay much more attention to him on philosophical ones."

In an interview with CBS, Bono also revealed that he would love to see the stages from U2's extravagant past tours on display in his hometown.

"What I would actually like to do - the band's dream is to have a site in Dublin where we could show these stages and people could walk on them and walk around them," he said.

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