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Fans despair as U2 tickets are snapped up in minutes

Tickets for U2's concerts in Croke Park have sold out in a matter of minutes.

Disappointed fans were turned away after tickets for the two Dublin summer concerts sold in just 40 minutes this morning, paving the way for a third gig in July.

Around half of the 200 fans queuing outside Ticketmaster in Stephen's Green snapped up the six-ticket maximum, with many leaving empty handed due to the speed of online sales.

Sixty additional security staff were on hand at Ticketmaster outlets to deal with the queues.

Dozens of fans had queued overnight for the tickets to the summer concerts and a handful had began queuing at the beginning of the week. Top of the queue were fans Vincent Kearns and Martin Shanahan who began queuing at 6am on Monday.


"The turnout is very disappointing. The numbers are way down but it was very cold," said Vincent.

Martin saved his place to enable him to visit his newborn granddaughter Sophie on Monday night.

Caroline Tempier from the City Centre said, "Lots of coffee, big jackets and loads of socks" had helped her brave the cold since 4.30am.

Fans will be relieved to note the stadium has planning permission for three concerts, so a third night is expected to be added for July 27.