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A DUBLIN singer songwriter can count actress Courteney Cox among his Friends after recording with the Hollywood star's Irish fiance Johnny McDaid and his Snow Patrol bandmates.

BriBry, also known as Brian O'Reilly, admitted he's been enjoying the celebrity life since signing with the band's publishing company Polar Patrol early this year.

"It's incredible working with the lads from Snow Patrol," he told the Herald. "Johnny was the producer for a few of my tracks and he's a really nice man.

"I've been over in Los Angeles with them and it's a case of living the celebrity life when you go over there, which is mad.

"When I'm over there recording I'm in Courteney Cox's house, which takes some getting used to. Courteney's lovely. She's so tiny and because I'm 6ft 6in our hugs were well awkward."

The Malahide native (27), who's based in Belfast with his wife Candice, was discovered by the band after drummer Jonny Quinn watched his YouTube channel, which has 450,000 subscribers.

Since being taken under the band's wing, the online star has been mingling with Hollywood royalty including Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen and his movie star wife Isla Fisher after meeting them at Courteney's Superbowl party last month.

Despite feeling on edge about meeting so many celebrities, BriBry said that the Snow Patrol lads made him feel right at home.

"I was absolutely terrified, but luckily the lads must have been brought up really well because no one could come into the room without them standing up and introducing me to them," he said.

"They make everyone shake your hand so there's no awkward shy moments."

BriBry will play The Academy in Dublin on April 18.