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Amy leaves fans waiting until last minute

TROUBLED songstress Amy Winehouse was almost an Oxegen no-show for the second year in a row.

The Herald can reveal that the Back to Black singer only spent three hours on Irish soil on Saturday, most of which was spent on stage at Oxegen.

Her much-hyped appearance at Punchestown was almost derailed when she failed to turn-up until seconds before she was due on stage.

The star of the festival had to change into her white dress and have her trademark beehive hair fixed up in the back of a van, as there was no time for the backstage VIP treatment she is used to.

Amy appeared on the main stage at 6.50pm on Saturday, five minutes late, but just over two-hours earlier she was sitting in London.

All reports at the site suggested that Amy was due to arrive at the Kildare venue around 4pm to prepare for her performance in front of 80,000 screaming fans. But at that time she hadn't even boarded a flight.

She only landed in Dublin Airport at 6.05pm, just 40 minutes before she was due on stage.

Luckily concert organisers had a blacked-out van and garda escort waiting in Dublin for hours before her arrival.

"She ordered that everybody was to be removed from the backstage area before she would pass through to go on stage," an insider said.

And at 6.50pm her backing singers marched onto stage to instant euphoria from revellers.

They were followed by Amy and, fittingly, the sun also made a rare appearance. Within minutes of walking off stage, she was heading for Dublin airport.

She completely avoided the VIP area and was back in London before The Verve took to the stage at 11.40pm.