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Motherhood toughens up 'hitwoman' Michelle Doherty

YUMMY mummy Michelle Doherty has revealed she relished playing a "nasty little b*tch" in her new movie - but finds it harder to give tough love as a new mum.

The former Xpose presenter is seen snapping necks and gunning down drug lords in the low-budget Irish flick The Hit Producer.

But she said it's nothing compared to midnight feeds and nappy changes after she welcomed her first son, Max, with partner Mark O'Shea three months ago.

"It's not as easy as you'd like to think," admits Michelle.

"Before you have a baby, everybody's always going, 'Now you know it's really hard'. Until you have one though, I don't think you actually realise how tough it is.

"But I'm enjoying it, and you know what, it's worth it.

"This little baby depends on you for everything. The love you have for your baby is like no other.

"Being a first time parent is really daunting and we are on our own in London so we don't have our families to pop over and help and give us advice. I do find though that every day I get more confident."

Talented Michelle proved a hit when she scooped the prize for best actress at the IndieFEST Film Awards in California.

However, her own mum was less than impressed by her antics in Kevin de la Isla O'Neill's film at a preview screening.

"You could hear my mother talking the whole way through it, going 'Jesus Christ, I can't believe she's actually doing that!'.

"I think she believed every minute of it, thinking that I actually was a hitwoman."