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Michelle's bang on trend and her sleek new 'hair Botox' knocks years off

FIRST Lady Michelle Obama is certainly 'bang' on trend.

The 'first fringe' made its debut last week but fashion followers got a closer look at Michelle's new hairdo during her husband's private inauguration yesterday afternoon.

Sporting a full fringe and sleek new bob, Michelle's revamped look got the thumbs up.

Dubbed by some as "Hair Botox", a full fat fringe is a pain-free way to knock years off without going under the knife. It's the perfect camouflage for those tell-tell frown lines.

"It gives girls something to hide behind," hairdresser to the stars Dylan Bradshaw says. "It's the perfect way to give your hairstyle and your face an instant lift."

Michelle's new do has been dubbed "bang tastic" by Stateside critics and Obama is also a big fan of the look.

"I love her bangs. She looks good. She always looks good," he said.

Michelle is following in the footsteps of other glamorous and mature ladies who are opting for statement fringes.

Editor of US Vogue Anna Wintour (63) has been championing the look for years.

But this look is not restricted to women of a certain age it's being rocked by Hollywood's brightest young starlets.

Beyonce (31) has been showcasing her chunky honey coloured fringe and Eva Longoria (37) and Katy Perry (28) are also big fans of knockout bangs.