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Marian and Miriam lose in ratings slump

RTE is haemorrhaging listeners to its flagship radio shows.

Heavy-hitters Marian Finucane, Miriam O'Callaghan and Morning Ireland have lost chunks of their audiences.

There was positive news, however, with Ryan Tubridy gaining an extra 3,000 listeners over the year.

But his morning show has still lost over 100,000 listeners since he took over the slot from the late Gerry Ryan.

We still retain our love affair with radio, with 85pc of adults saying they listen in on an average day. However, six of RTE's top programmes have seen figures fall between July 2011 and June 2012. The Sunday broadcast of Marian Finucane's live show dropped a massive 23,000 listeners, while her Saturday show lost 1,000, though the show still boasts 384,000 listeners.

Saturday morning's Miriam Meets lost 16,000 listeners, despite Miriam O'Callaghan retaining strong listenership gains in recent surveys. Despite this, Miriam still has 271,000 tuning in, ensuring the show remains in the top 10.

John Murray's morning show on RTE 1 lost 7,000 listeners. The nation's favourite agony uncle, Joe Duffy, shot up in the ratings as his Liveline show gained 11,000 listeners, according to the Joint National Listenership Survey.

Morning Ireland lost 5,000 but remains the most popular radio programme in the State, with 444,000 listeners.


RTE's News at One gained 7,000 listeners but Today With Pat Kenny lost 5,000.

Meanwhile Mary Wilson's Drivetime saw its numbers rocket by 14,000 to 259,000.

George Lee's The Business at the weekend was boosted by an extra 4,000 listeners.

Tubridy's new listenership figures at 175,000 were a positive boost as he had lost 4,000 in the last survey.