Friday 17 November 2017

Manners come first for Lucy Kennedy's children


Lucy Kennedy and her children Holly (3) and Jack (5)
Lucy Kennedy and her children Holly (3) and Jack (5)

LUCY Kennedy's children melted hearts during their first photoshoot, but their mum is determined they will win people over with good manners.

Jack (5) and Holly (2) recently appeared alongside Lucy in a promotional shoot (right), but they won't be turning into divas any time soon.

The TV3 star joked that "say please" and "say thank you" will be written on her gravestone because she is adamant that her children will grow up polite.

"I think I'm quite easy except when it comes to manners. That's the one area where I'm a strict parent and Richie is the same," she said.

"We teach Jack how to shake a person's hand properly and to keep eye contact, which I think is also really important. First impressions last and it costs nothing to be polite."

The broadcaster suspects that there are not as many children with good manners these days, and said she doesn't quite understand why.

"I believe there's no point in sweating the small stuff. I prefer to reserve energy for if and when it's really serious," she wrote on her MummyPages parenting blog.

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