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Kylie wants 'biggest fan' Sile to be at latest gig

AUSSIE pop star Kylie Minogue wants to see her most enthusiastic Irish fan at her Dublin gig on Saturday - Sile Seoige.

The last time the singer performed in Ireland she won over the gaelgoir with a pretty intense performance.

During the 2011 Aphrodite: Les Foiles Tour performance in 2011, Seoige took to social media, with a risqué account of how much she was enjoying the Kylie gig.

"Seriously... that good," she added.

The remark was put to Kylie in an interview by Insider magazine while she travelled between Barcelona and Montpellier on her latest tour - and the former Neighbours star became equally giddy with excitement.


"Thank you for giving me an embarrassed laugh in the middle of my bus trip," said Kylie.

The singer was keen to get a little bit more information about how much Ms Seoige enjoyed the concert in the O2 and what kind of experience she had.

"That's amazing. Is she ready for the next one?," she added.

She went on to say that Dublin audiences always seem to generate a fantastic atmosphere at her shows but she never came across a reaction like Seoige's.

"If that is an indication of how fruity you all are, then bring on Dublin," she said.

"Any time I've brought my tour to Ireland, it has always been an incredible experience and the audiences are amazing but I haven't heard anything quite like that one before," she added.

Kylie plays the 3Arena in Dublin this weekend.