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Jamie Dornan's dad rejected stage for medicine

JAMIE Dornan has acting in his blood - his dad turned down a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) for a career in medicine.

The Hollywood hunk (32) returns to our screens this weekend as creepy serial killer Paul Spector in Belfast crime drama The Fall. He shot to fame with the leading role in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Dornan revealed that his dad, Jim, a leading obstetrician, had considered becoming an actor.

He was offered a place at RADA in London but chose instead to pursue medicine.

"I think he would have been a fine actor and I know that he would also agree with that," said Dornan.

The Co Down native said that while it appears he has been an overnight success, he has had his share of rejections.

"I got my first ever acting job, Marie Antoinette, with my first every audition and I thought, 'This is easy'," he said.

"But then there was a seven-year gap with not a lot of work. I kept going only because I wanted to be an actor, always did."


Dornan said he researched extensively to understand serial killer Spector's motives, including watching interviews with Ted Bundy.

"I read a lot of horrific books," he told the RTE Guide. "Writer Allan Cubitt was also a great help, with so many dark things running around inside his head. I spent a lot of time watching interviews with guys who did similar things to what Spector did and tried to amass some understanding of why they are the way they are and how they are with the people close to them.

"That's the crazy thing about these guys, and it's something The Fall touches on: so many of these guys have relatively normal lives.

"I defy anyone to watch footage of Ted Bundy and not be taken by him. He is handsome and charming and extremely intelligent, so that can be the case.

"I don't think I have made serial killers sexy, and Bundy was there a long time before Paul Spector came along.

"I'm not saying I'm sexy, but there is an allure there."