Tuesday 12 December 2017

'I've turned into such a housewife' says model Nicola Hughes as she moves in with reality star boyfriend Alex Mytton


Nicola Hughes
Nicola Hughes

DUBLIN model Nicola Hughes has closed the 6,000 kilometre gap between her and her reality star boyfriend Alex Mytton at last - but living together has brought its own challenges.

Made In Chelsea star Alex is happy for his other half to pick up the chores at home, now that they live together.

"I do all the housework - I've turned into such a housewife. I do the cooking, the cleaning - the whole shebang," Nicola joked.

Domestic challenges aside, the 25-year-old is delighted to have her other half so close at hand after dating long distance while she travelled to Vancouver for RTE show The Exiles.

"He is so easy to live with - bar his nail-biting!" Nicola said.

"I think the long distance has actually brought us closer together. It really does make the heart grow fonder as they say," she told the Diary.

Nicola is regularly home from London to visit her family, but it won't be for too long.

"It is nice to be home again. I was only seeing him for a few months before shipping off."

Sandyford native Nicola spent time in Canada chasing her dream of working as a TV presenter - an experience she describes as invaluable.


Trying to crack a TV industry in a new country is a daunting task for anyone, but brave Nicola made it even harder for herself by doing it on camera for the RTE show.

"I'm obviously dreading seeing myself making a show of myself on TV," she quipped.

The former Balcony TV host plans to settle in London eventually but for the moment is enjoying travelling over and back between Ireland and the UK.

She has been enjoying her downtime at the minute and hasn't begun scouting for agencies or other work in the UK just yet.

"I'm hoping to present in England," she revealed.

"Why not? You may as well try all of these things."

Before meeting Alex, she admitted that she didn't really keep up with the series but did hear about his notorious womanising on-screen from friends.

"I heard a lot of it from my friends but he couldn't be further from how he is perceived," she said.

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