Sunday 9 December 2018

It's weird seeing yourself on TV as baby bumb gets bigger - Xpose's Karen

Karen Koster
Karen Koster
Aisling O'Loughlin

A CHRISTMAS Day baby could be on the cards for Karen Koster and her husband John McGuire with her due date landing towards the end of December.

The Xpose host has told the Diary her due date is December 22 and that she and John - her hubby of one year - can't wait for the new arrival.

She says she's relaxed about her pregnancy, but that it's "weird" seeing her baby bump grow on screen.

"It is weird seeing yourself on TV as your bump gets bigger and I'm trying to look semi decent on screen - but now that there'll be someone else in studio who you can compare me to, I'm telling Peter O'Riordan he can't go and get lean on me or lose much weight."


Despite being quite relaxed about her pregnancy, Karen admitted she's not adverse to saying yes to pain relief when she arrives in the labour ward.

"If I had broken my leg I wouldn't leave the hospital saying, 'No thanks I won't take the crutches'," she said.

"I'm very open minded about pain relief. Initially I was being a bit of a martyr thinking, 'I want to be a solider and I want John to be so proud of me', but why would I make it traumatic for myself?"

Blonde beauty Karen told the Diary she's swapped wine carolies for other food during the pregnancy.

"I'm not being too strict," she said.

"I've actually lost weight in my face, because you're not having alcohol - it's bizarre.

"You're eating very healthily and burning up calories by making the baby, so it's strange. It's all new for me and I feel a bit like a science experiment," she said.

With Xpose co-host Aisling O'Loughlin (pictured) having plenty of advice to dish out when it comes to looking after children, Killiney native Karen is calm and collected about what to expect once she gives birth.

"With everything through this pregnancy, I'm constantly asking questions and being open-minded," she said.

The Xpose team kicked off with their new one-hour live show last night and it's adopted a look similar to Ryan Seacrest's E! News in the US.

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