Saturday 19 January 2019

It's time to heal our lost generation, says broadcaster turned counsellor Eamon Keane

Musician Eamon Keane
Musician Eamon Keane

SINGER turned counsellor Eamon Keane said there is an entire "lost generation" in the wake of the Celtic Tiger.

The former Newstalk presenter trained as a counsellor after a trip to South Africa and a meeting with the inspirational Nelson Mandela.

Through his new career he has met with "thousands" of young people, many of whom are struggling with self-harm and other mental health issues.

He believes there must be a change in Ireland to put an end to children suffering with these types of problems.

"I think we have raised a generation of kids who are lost, who are yearning," he said. "We're coming out of an economic recession, it's time for the spiritual recession to end too."

Statistics which detail the state of mental health problems among our youth are "chronic", he said.

During the boom times "we had one part of the generation reared with what I call the age of entitlement - children who believe they should get what they want whenever they want it," he noted.

But all is not lost, according to the pianist, who will soon play Dublin.

"There is something seriously amiss, but I also think there is great hope and opportunity," he said.

"The answer is not to revert to Celtic Tiger values but to reawaken spirituality - but not in an airy-fairy new-agey way.

"We've a chance here to come back to some really good values."

Eamon performs on October 1 in the National Concert Hall. Tickets cost €20 and the gig will feature songs from his album Hang The Moon.

The audience will also hear piano improvisations on classics like Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Norwegian Wood.


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