Monday 10 December 2018

It's hard to pick a gift for a One Direction singer, so Niall's getting a collage

I'm back and forth between Dublin and London a lot lately, but this weekend I'm in the UK to celebrate my pal Niall Horan's birthday.

Niall is marking his 21st on Saturday night and a big gang of us are going out to party with him.

It's all happening in east London and will probably be a mad mix of family and friends.

We've decided to give him a big photo collage, because realistically there are not many presents you could buy him - when in a band like that there's little he wouldn't have already.

I've sent the lads some pictures, just nice shots of the group out and about, but I've left the hard core running around to the rest of them.

Tonight I'll also be catching up with Robert Sheehan and checking out his new restaurant, which he opened in the Dalston area of London two weeks ago.

There's a big rake of us heading over to England so it'll be a laugh and I'm looking forward to it because last weekend was a working one for me.

I got to host the RTE coverage of Electric Picnic.

It was the first time that the station has covered it and there's been great feedback from it.

I'm delighted about the ratings.

It was a triumph for RTE because they often get unfairly compared to the BBC, which is one of the biggest companies in the world, and it came off very well.


Loads of my mates flew over from the UK - the London Irish contingent like Laura Whitmore - but I only got to catch up with them briefly over the couple of days.

Technically Sunday was my day off at Stradbally and I got in some of the action, but I was filling in for Ryan Tubridy on Monday and Tuesday on 2fm so I watched one of Sinead O'Connor's songs and then trekked home to prepare.

My personal highlight was Hozier. He's outrageously intelligent. I'd never heard him talk before and I was pleasantly surprised at how articulate he was.

Electric Picnic is a particularly chilled festival - there's a cool vibe and because it's a family event, people respect that so if they want to over-indulge they generally hang out in the forest or the camp site to do it.

I got back to the UK on Wednesday and I've been flat out ever since. But that's nothing to complain about.

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