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It’s fun in the sun before more work madness

This week I’m soaking up the sun in Spain with the family and we’re enjoying spending some quality time together before the Cat Laughs festival kicks off.

We will get to go away in July for our proper, annual holiday, but I wanted to come out for a week of rest before the madness starts.

Even though my mum Nancy and I have spent a crazy amount of time together lately for the Sky 1 show, she has come over with us for a quick burst of sunshine. You’d think we’d be sick of each other - but we’re not at all.

I’m a freelancer, so I’ve always been juggling periods of being away with work and seeing my kids and I think because it’s just been our way, it’s kind of the routine.

My partner Tanya (inset) and I cope well with it but it’s still lovely to be out in Gran Canaria and away from normality.

Now that the programme is done and dusted, I’m looking at new projects to sink my teeth into.

I’ve a couple of things I want to proceed with and would like to see get off the ground, and some are with Sky.

I love presenting and will always do that, but producing is something I’ve looked into.

Even though Sky is where I’ve been having talks to air something else, I’d never rule out a return to RTE.


That broadcaster was always really good to me, but work seemed to dry up at home to be honest and that’s why I decided to turn my sights elsewhere.

I would actually like to do more in Ireland, although I haven’t approached any other stations like TV3 or UTV - there have been zero dealings on that front.

Although when you work for yourself you have to be willing to be open and available, you never know what could happen.