Tuesday 25 September 2018

It's easy to juggle being a celeb couple, says Pippa O'Connor

Brian Ormond and Pippa O'Connor
Brian Ormond and Pippa O'Connor
Pippa O Connor at the launch of Centra's Live Well initiative in Stephens Green ,Dublin Centra is offering shoppers healthy and nutritious choices across a range of over 300 products throughout the day

Blogger Pippa O'Connor - who is married to Brian Ormond - has insisted that being a celebrity couple in Ireland isn't hard.

The stylist also revealed that she doesn't make sure she looks perfect every time she appears in public.

"I'm not precious like that, if I'm not working I'll have no make-up on," she told the Herald.

"I don't think Brian and I get 'papped', we're not the Kardashians," she said.

"I think if you were proper celebrity-famous like in America, then that must be so hard. Here it's not like that."

Pippa (30) also said Brian is the one who encouraged her to start her blog.

"It was his whole idea, he was the one who said, 'you should have a website and you should call it pippa.ie'.

"I'm good when I get going but sometimes I need a bit of a push.

"He was the one who encouraged me and he came up with the idea for the Fashion Factories as well."

Meanwhile, Pippa finally revealed her new make-up collaboration with Blank Canvas cosmetics yesterday.


Taking to her Instagram account, Pippa shared a picture of an eyeshadow palette.

"So here it is - the Pippa Palette. Containing six gorgeous gradients of nude toned, matte finish, luxuriously smooth, pigmented eyeshadows," she wrote.

Pippa was speaking at the launch of Centra's Live Well initiative yesterday.

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