Monday 18 December 2017

It's all the pure talent we have out there that makes The Voice such a ratings winner -- Kathryn

THE talent of the contestants on The Voice Of Ireland is the reason behind its massive ratings success, says host Kathryn Thomas.

The Voice attracted 708,000 viewers last Sunday -- significantly more than its critically derided predecessor The All-Ireland Talent Show which regularly hit the half million mark.

One of the conditions TV bosses laid down for The Voice was that children were not allowed audition, whereas young children featured in the finals of The All-Ireland Talent Show during its three-year run.

Kathryn also believes that shows such as The X Factor have missed out on "incredible" singing talent in Ireland, which producers of The Voice were only too happy to tap into.


Kathryn, who is also at the helm of ratings juggernaut Operation Transformation, said she was "pleasantly surprised" by the success of The Voice but said she always had a feeling it would perform better than its predecessor.

"I had expected the show to do well because of what it is and the format, plus there was a huge amount of time invested into the show. Once I saw the show in action I said to myself, this is going to be big.

"When I was on the set at the start I knew it was going to be completely different. But it shouldn't be forgotten that The All Ireland Talent Show did massive ratings, it really did.

"This is a completely different show. There is a lot of suspense and there's little quirks in the show, with the blind auditions, and the tables are turned on the coaches. It makes the show fun and dramatic."


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