Friday 17 November 2017

'I'm too embarrassed to admit that I'm a model', says Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor
Pippa O'Connor

Over the years, Pippa O'Connor has been called a lot of things - socialite, party girl and fashionista - just don't tell her she's a model.

Despite being one of the more successful Irish catwalk queens, Pippa (30) is embarrassed when she is quizzed about her profession.

So much so, the former photocall favourite has even started lying about her glamorous role.

"I hate referring to myself as 'model'," the Kildare blonde said. "Over the past 10 years if I've been asked by someone 'what do you do?' or if I'm filling out a form and asked my occupation, I just make something else up."

Since launching her blog and her Fashion Factory events, Pippa has gained thousands of fans who love her understated sense of style.

But her dress sense wasn't always so demure, several years ago Pippa couldn't get enough of fake tan, fake hair and fake nails.

In fact, she recently admitted she cringes when looking at some of her old photo shoots.

Faux Pas

"I've had loads of fashion faux pas - all you have to do is look at photocall pictures of me from 10 years ago, because they're all dreadful," Pippa told the Diary.

"A lot of the outfits were my choice, but it was too much of everything. There was too much tan, too much fake hair, too much of everything.

"Tight bandeau dresses, too. It was all too much. Less is definitely more, for me anyway," she added.

Thankfully, Pippa has binned the OTT ensembles.

Nowadays, she is rarely pictured with a hair out of place, but Pippa insists she's far from perfect.

"I'm very disorganised and quite messy," she said.

"My husband has given up saying 'tidy as you go Pippa'.

"I tell him it's because I'm creative. I'm just scatty and lazy probably," she wrote on her blog.

While they might disagree over household chores, Pippa and her presenter husband are well able to handle the limelight.

They're rarely out of the papers, but the fashionable mum says being a celebrity couple in Ireland is no worry to to her and Brian.

"I don't think Brian and I get 'papped', we're not the Kardashians," she said. "I think if you were proper celebrity famous like in America, then that must be so hard. Here it's not like that."

The business-savvy blogger says her other half was the one who encouraged her to launch her blog.

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