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I’m still in touch with old pal Lucy

GETTING to work on 2fm radio with Lucy Kennedy was fantastic and I still really miss her.

We were in studio with each other every weekend so it was like having an affair or something mad, because we spent so much time together.

We honestly had a lot of fun doing our show and I think we’ll always be friends, no matter what happens career-wise.

We’re still in touch from time to time, even though both of us have had seriously busy years doing other things.

Words cannot express how pleased I am to see her doing so well in TV3 with her lunchtime slot with Martin King.

She’s great craic and so unbelievably funny, it’s impossible not to respond positively to her.

Being a presenter can be up and down, that’s the nature of it, so in that sense I’m particularly thrilled to see Lucy back on screen succeeding - she’s brilliant and totally deserves it.

I called her recently to congratulate her on winning her VIP Style Award and I’m absolutely sending her a copy of my travel show.

She knows my mum Nancy anyway, they got on very well, so it’s right up her street.