Wednesday 13 December 2017

I'm not shy about flashing my flesh, says Celia (60)

SHE works with the best young models in the industry but stylist Celia Holman Lee isn't shy about showing some of her own skin.

The 60-year-old says she is finally comfortable with her own body -- so much so that she doesn't mind showing it off. Despite working with leggy catwalk models day in and day out, Celia says she still feels youthful and is happy to strip down.

The stylish model agent has posed with her shirt open wearing the new Tonique Contour bra from Playtex. Speaking to the Herald, the glamorous grandmother admitted that she was happy to flaunt her body for the shoot and says she feels comfortable with her body.

"In the shoot my shirt is open to show the shape of the bra. I don't mind showing some skin," she laughed. "It really doesn't bother me because I feel comfortable in it. Whether I'm in my knickers or a dress or just a pair of shoes the main thing is that I feel comfortable and that I look good," she said.

And the TV regular revealed that she is in the process of picking out her lavish gown for next month's VIP Style Awards. Last year Celia took home the award for Ireland's top Style Icon but the model expert says she doesn't feel under pressure to look even more glamorous this year.

"I can't wait for the Style Awards. I have two dresses being sent to me and I haven't decided between them yet. I don't feel pressure anymore, not at this stage in my life.

"I know what works for me now. When I put a dress on I'll know straight away what suits me, and that comes with age. I know my body shape, I know what I can wear and what I can't wear. You won't see me in a shoe-string dress with a massive slit, that would never happen," she said.

Meanwhile, the former Celebrity Salon winner urged other women over the age of 40 to try out the new bra, which she says will give older ladies a more youthful look.

"I got a call from Latex and I thought 'modelling a bra, at my age? I don't think so'. But then I realised it was for women of a certain age. I got the bras sent to me and I couldn't believe how good they were."


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