Monday 11 December 2017

I'm in no rush for my own big white wedding, reveals super-busy Sinead

TV star Sinead Kennedy is in no hurry to race down the aisle.

The presenter says there are enough wedding bells, tulle dresses and best man speeches in her life as it is.

"I have enough weddings to be going to, to keep myself entertained," she told The Diary.

"I'm spending enough time buying dresses for other people's weddings to be thinking about buying a wedding dress for myself," she laughed.

Cork native Sinead has been dating her navy captain boyfriend Conor Kirwan for eight years.

The pair met when Sinead was presenting on the River Lee.

"I was doing some links on the river, and I was to be looked after by the navy. He was assigned to look after me and I was like, 'your man is unreal'. The uniform did it and the eyes."

While she's in no hurry to tie the knot, Sinead (29) says a white wedding is on the cards in the future.

"Oh Jesus at some stage I'm sure I would want to get married, but there is no panic," she laughs.

"It happens when it happens. I will get married at some stage eventually."

Conor spends a lot of time away at sea and Sinead says her friends often refer to him as James Bond.

"He's very busy and I'm very busy but we're both mad about each other," she says.

Sinead certainly is busy – she works in RTE's Young People's department during the week and hosts The Big Money Game Show with Brian Ormond on Saturdays.

But she hopes on heading off on a romantic break with her other half later in the summer.

"I'm double jobbing so it's a bit crazy at the moment, but I'm hoping I can get a bit of time off mid-week at some stage," she said.

"It doesn't matter where I go – I could live in Jamaica and not get a tan.

"As long as I get a few days with himself – I don't mind where we go."

This autumn, Sinead will take over from Geri Maye on Winning Streak.

The move will see her leave Young People's Programming and Sinead says it's exciting.

"It can be hard to move out of Young People's Programming, but after 10 years I'm ready to move on. I have no party organised but I think they may celebrate when I leave," she laughs. "They'll think 'Finally the noise has gone'."

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