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I'm happy out, I love being single and am ready to run a marathon says Sile after cancer battle

SINGLE Sile Seoige is feeling fit and fabulous and is getting ready for the gruelling Connemarathon this Sunday.

After battling thyroid cancer, the 33-year-old broadcaster will be running for Cancer Care West.

And Sile has never felt better. "I'm in a good place and I'm really enjoying being single," said Sile, who split from TV producer partner Kim Burrowes last year.

"I've always been that girl who has always been in relationships, so this is a new me and it's lovely.

"And I think it's really important for me to be single at the moment. I'm happy out."

Last year, the Newstalk host, who presents Shenanigans With Sile, had thyroid cancer, for which she had surgery.

She spent six months battling the illness, including a week in an isolation ward in the Blackrock Clinic where she was dosed with radioactive iodine.

Despite this, Sile says she's never felt better and is busy training hard for the notoriously difficult Connemarathon.

"I'm doing great. I saw this tweet recently saying. 'Are you single, taken or training?'," she says. "I'm all about training at the moment. I work, go for a run, go home.



"If I really want to treat myself, I'll have an Epsom salt bath. With the iPhone beside me playing nice calm music and a glass of wine in my hand – that's bliss.

"The Connemarathon is really intense, it's very hilly," she says nervously.

"There's a massive hill at the beginning and an even bigger one at the end.

"But it's amazing what our bodies can do – I never thought – but our bodies want to heal."

Sile is running to raise money for Cancer Care West and says her outlook has changed since she was diagnosed with cancer.

"When you get a shock like that, you have to go back to the drawing board and reassess things," she explains.

"But now I am healthier than ever, which is brilliant."

Since she started training, the star has dropped nearly two stone.

"I adore food and if I had my way I would be eating morning, noon and night," she laughs. "But working towards something is great motivation."

Sile was talking at the launch of Low Low's new ad campaign, which mocks conventional dieting ads.