Sunday 17 December 2017

If I wasn't married to messy Brian, I'd kick him out: Vogue

Vogue Williams. Photo: Getty
Vogue Williams. Photo: Getty

They are one of Ireland's golden couples, but Vogue McFadden (right) says she and her hubbie Brian fight like cat and dog.

The 27-year-old TV star says she is constantly nagging Brian about leaving his socks on the bedroom floor.

"Brian is the most unorganised person in the world," Vogue told The Diary.

"He actually does nothing; if he was my flatmate I wouldn't live with him.

"I can't sleep in a room if there are clothes on the floor – it drives me nuts. And he does that – he just leaves things everywhere."

Vogue says Brian's lackadaisical attitude to tidiness grates on her given she's a neat-freak.

"I am hyper-organised – I can't stand a plate being left out or anything like that," she said.

"He needs to start cleaning, I need to stop cleaning. And I probably need to chillax a bit more."



The couple, who tied the knot last September, moved to London earlier this year after two years living in Sydney.

And Vogue says like all married couples they have their fair share of fights over the little things.

"Me and Brian fight all the time. We fight about the TV remote and stupid things like that," she said.

"We definitely niggle at each other because we spend so much time together.

"He's always stealing my Twix bars and it drives me mental – we fight about Twix chocolate bars about twice a week," she laughs.

The Howth native plans on having children but at the moment she's focusing on her career.

"I definitely want to have kids, but I'm only 27 and I have loads more achieve before I settle down and have kids, because I think they are kind of time-consuming," she jokes.

The model and DJ has just finished filming a documentary for RTE2 about much loved soap Home And Away.

Vogue says she can't wait to see the final product.

"There were certain parts that I was like, maybe don't put that in. But I can't wait to watch it," she said.

"They won't show me any of it. I've seen my attempt at an Australian accent, but that's it.

"You're filming so much that you forget what you've said and done."

And she says visiting Summer Bay reignited her passion for the show.

"I'm not sick of Home And Away at all," she said.

"I stopped watching it when I was in college, but I got sucked back in when I was making the show.

"It's like a vortex and now I'm stuck there."

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