Sunday 17 December 2017

I'd love to do presenting, but opportunities are far too limited here, says Roz

Roz Purcell. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Roz Purcell. Photo: Brian McEvoy

SHE has featured in a number of television programmes and has done a presenting course, but top model Roz Purcell still finds the TV industry a tough nut to crack.

The Tipperary native told the Diary that unlike some of her fellow catwalk queens, she's not pinning her hopes on becoming a TV anchor.

"I suppose I was really into it all a year ago but there are no opportunities in that area at all here and that does kind of kill you a bit," leggy Roz admitted.

"You put so much work and effort into things and then there's just no chance to do stuff because stations are not really looking for new faces either and I understand that.

"It is a bit sad though because it is something I would love to do."


The AR beauty is not expecting success to land in her lap and she's even come up with her own ideas for potential programmes for the small screen.

"I have pitched in ideas to broadcasters, but I'm not really a person that would hunt and track people down to say, 'look at me' - I'm a little awkward and shy.

"I probably need to get over that and people find it strange when I admit I'm a tad shy because of what I do for my job, but that's just me."

One area the former Miss Universe Ireland is seriously excelling in is her fledgling career as a suit designer.

She's been spending more and more of her time on her new two-piece range and the girlfriend of The Voice of Ireland coach Bressie insisted it's going better than ever.


"The order samples will finally arrive in two weeks and then we're going to launch it properly in September," she said.

"The petrol blue coloured suit will be in the autumn collection and there'll be a classic black and white, as well as burgundy.

"For my fifth colour I'm going a bit more mad for me and choosing a grey checked style.

"There have been so many requests - it's mad - but great too, obviously.

"I'm custom-making them for friends and people are very positive about it, so it's the kind of thing that has been selling itself," she added.

Roz is so busy there are no current plans to jet off on holiday with Bressie (inset), whose real name is Niall Breslin.

The fitness fanatic, who has been dating the singer for nearly two years, said she's making the most of a busy summer with work and her regular training sessions.

"There's quite a bit going on at the ­moment which is nice, as this is a traditionally quiet period," she said.

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