Saturday 25 November 2017

I wouldn't return to RTE if they asked, says Dara

DARA O Briain has revealed he won't return to RTE if they call to offer him another TV show. The 39-year-old told the Herald that he had no intention of making a comeback to the Montrose station, as he's far too busy working for BBC.

The comedian, who hails from Bray, Co Wicklow, added that he missed The Panel, but had no plans to revive it.

"The Panel was a gorgeous format for us. The English give great support to comedy, but they love to do points and rounds -- plot device, essentially.

"The Panel did away with that and was more about chat so you really got to know the different personalities," he said.


"Hit for hit, punch for punch, the English shows will edit down funnier and have great one-liners, but The Panel viewers really got to know us and see our reaction to genuine moments of madness."

But Dara, who has lived in London for 10 years, said that during the latter years he was in the hot seat alongside panellists Ed Byrne, Neil Delamere and Andrew Maxwell, he bluffed his way through the shows because he didn't know enough about topical issues here.

"For the last few years I was flying over to do it, so there was an element of bluffing and that became more obvious to me as the show went on, that I didn't really know enough."

Mock The Week presenter Dara was speaking at the launch of Dublin as a City of Science for 2012.

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