Saturday 19 January 2019

'I won't reunite with Westlife', says Brian

Brian McFadden and his girlfriend Danielle Parkinson
Brian McFadden and his girlfriend Danielle Parkinson

Brian McFadden has admitted he doesn't think he will be a part of any future Westlife reunion.

The Dubliner left the band in 2004 but his bandmates carried on, not splitting until 2012.

Legions of fans still hope they will reunite one day, but Brian reckons he wouldn't be asked back if they do.

"I probably would do it if it was a one-off show but I can't see it ever happening," he said.

"The most likely thing would be it would just be the four lads. Everyone has kind of moved on since I was in the band, but I would always be open to it."


Although he texts them from time to time, Brian hasn't seen his former Westlife bandmates in a while.

"I haven't spoken to the guys. If I see them I will have a drink with them and I text them the odd time but we don't hang out like we used to hang out," he told the Herald.

Brian has since formed Boyzlife with Keith Duffy and the pair have have been touring Europe.

They were previously in talks with ITV and other stations in the UK about doing their own show.

Brian is hopeful talks will resume next year.

"We've had discussions with ITV and a few people but it's about getting the right show together," he said.

"There are a couple of ideas there but this year it's all about touring.

"Next year there will be a chance to progress it and working together so we will see. We don't want to do it just for the sake of doing it."

Brian is currently working on his first solo material since his 2013 album The Irish Connection, which he hopes will be ready for release next year.

Meanwhile, his bandmate Keith will be heading on tour with Boyzone for their 25th anniversary.

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