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'I wish celebrities had touched my bump,' says Karen Koster


Karen Koster for Pregnacare

Karen Koster for Pregnacare

Karen Koster for Pregnacare

TV presenter Karen Koster has revealed she's disappointed that more celebrities haven't wanted to touch her baby bump.

The Xpose host - who interviews A-list celebrities all the time for the TV3 entertainment show - said: "I'm annoyed that more celebrities haven't touched my bump.

"I've only been noticeably pregnant when I've interviewed a couple of celebrities but none of them offered to touch me.

"Keira Knightley didn't and neither did James Marsden, so I was gutted," she added.

But Karen did reveal that her glamorous co-hosts are always happy to be touchy feely.

"I get plenty of bump-rubbing from the girls in work though," she said.

"Lisa Cannon is the most affectionate person you'll ever meet, she'll maul you on any given day of the week. She's been very hands on."

Karen is due her first baby - with her husband John McGuire at Christmas time - but the couple are eager to keep the baby's sex a surprise.

"I don't know and we're not going to find out," she told the Diary.

Karen is preparing to present the TV3 Christmas Toy Show with Brian McFadden later this month and she admits that although she is in top form, she has been having some weird dreams of late.

"I was dreaming last night that I was getting married but gave birth in the middle of the aisle," she said.

"And then on my wedding day was carrying around this new-born child.

"So my head is just melted with weird dreams and bizarre thoughts so hopefully that dies down."