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I was suicidal for two years - Marian Keyes

WRITER Marian Keyes has revealed she was suicidal for nearly two years.

The 51-year-old spoke about crashing "into a nervous breakdown" and the many therapies she has tried.

While suffering from a severe bout of depression, she said her life "fell off a cliff".

"I couldn't work, I couldn't sleep. All I could do was bake cakes, which I did obsessively," Marian said.

"During this hellish time, I had a couple of stays in a psychiatric hospital and countless combinations of anti-mad tablets.

"I consulted an angel-channeller, a lovely woman who kept cocking her head and listening to messages of encouragement from my own personal angels, who had nothing but 'fabulous' news.

"Sadly, I found the whole thing so silly I used to suck my tongue hard to stop myself sniggering.

"Desperately seeking hope that one day I'd be okay again, I had my astrological chart done by a truly creepy man who delighted in telling me that my life had transitioned into a time of great disaster and that I should move to Peru."


Marian said that despite being showered with blessings - "a lovely husband, great friends and an unexpected gift-from-the-gods in being a published novelist" - she always felt afraid and unworthy.

"So to fix myself I tried nightly gratitude lists, craniosacral therapy, meditation, reiki, eating too much sugar, swearing off sugar completely, falling off the sugar wagon in spectacular fashion and doing random acts of kindness," she said.

Marian tried hypnotherapy and chakra yoga, she said in an interview with the Sunday Times. It was shortly after finishing an intense residential course in 2009 when she had a breakdown.

"It has taken a long time to recover my equilibrium, but in the past year something has changed - I've grasped that happiness is not the single 'correct' emotion and that all other feelings must be wrestled into submission," she said.

Marian's new book, The Woman Who Stole My Life, is out this week.