Friday 15 December 2017

I was sad to leave model show but I'm so happy I stayed true to myself

I HAD mixed feelings when I watched my final episode on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model last night.

I was kind of sad watching my exit from the show, especially as I missed out on a trip to Barbados.

I felt disappointed because the red lipstick campaign for Revlon that we did was probably my best shot of the series – and the judges and the clients loved it.

A part of me thought I should have stayed, but at that stage, the competition was so fierce and at least I finished on a high.

I just wanted to come in the top 10 and I ended up coming seventh, which is great.

I was at the centre of most of the conflicts on the show, but I was being true to myself.

My family and my boyfriend [rugby star Cian Healy] loved watching me on the show.

Every Thursday, we all get together and watch it in our living room.

It's so funny because there's so many awkward moments and hilarious bits.

The main thing I said before I left is that I wanted to make sure that my friends and family and Cian watched it and said, 'that's the Holly we know'.

So if I went on and was really shy and quiet, they would be like, 'what's going on?'

I did get into a few conflicts and there was a bit of drama, but if someone is annoying me, I find it easier to say it to their face.

Sometimes people can't really handle it when you're being outspoken, but I'd rather be like that than say it behind their back.

It was kind of funny, but it didn't bother me too much.

I was shocked that people on Twitter were surprised that there was drama in the house.

I'm like, 'hello, there is 14 girls living in one house, obviously there is going to be personality clashes'.



I did think that the show was trying to edit me in a certain way, but I was one of the more outspoken girls so there's nothing I can do about that.

I was a bit annoyed when we did the fairytale shoot and every- one was a princess – and I was the wicked witch.

I was like, 'they are taking the p**s', but at the same time it was funny.

They were dictating to the viewers, which I thought was kind of annoying because they could have let people make up their own mind about me without putting me in a witch's costume. I've had a few trolls messaging me on Twitter and saying, 'you're just a bitch', and, 'so stuck up', but I take it with a pinch of salt.

First of all, at least they know my name, and at least they are talking about me.

And second of all, I know myself that I wasn't a bitch. My family and friends know I wasn't.

I have met up with five of the girls from the show and have kept in touch with loads of them so I know if I was that bad I wouldn't have made any friends from it.

I just laughed it off.

I did find head judge Elle (Macpherson) hard to please, but I think it's good that she had such high standards because she has done everything so she's obviously hard to please for a reason.

Even though I did find it hard to get negative criticism from her, when I did get praise from her it was a big deal.

And she made me grow a thick skin, which is also a good thing.

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