Tuesday 18 September 2018

I was always getting in trouble at school, reveals model Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams
Vogue Williams
Vogue and Brian in Las Vegas

Model Vogue Williams has revealed she lied to her parents about her Leaving Cert results.

The Dublin presenter (29) admitted she was shocked when she discovered she got 300 points in her exams, and fearing her mother would give out to her, she decided to lie about her results.

"I didn't do very well in my Leaving Cert," she said.

"I only got 300 points and I told some lies about it.


"I told my mum I got 360 or 340, something like that.

"Obviously I thought I was going to do amazing because I applied to Trinity to do Law and DCU too," she added. "I really thought I was smart."

Despite loving her school days, the Spin 1038 DJ spent more time getting into trouble than she did studying.

"I got [detention] quite a bit," she admitted.

"I loved school, I loved all my friends - but I was a messer and I got in trouble quite a lot.

"I'd say the teachers were definitely happy to see the back of me."

The former Fade Street star revealed that her old secondary school resorted to extreme measures to punish her after weeks of bad behaviour.

"I got suspended for a week because I was talking so much on a consistent basis for about six weeks," she said.

"I was in French class and I was talking and my teacher told me to stop three times. After that I got suspended for a full week."


Despite her chatty ways, Vogue insists she was a good student. "I didn't do well in my Leaving Cert but I did quite well throughout the year and it just didn't reflect in my results in the end.

"I didn't get one course I wanted and three days later I was pushed over to Aberdeen by my stepdad to start a degree in construction design and management," she told the Anton Savage Show on Today FM.

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