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'I sent congrats to Day-Lewis...he sent me dirty texts!'

FILM director Jim Sheridan can't take Oscar nominee Daniel Day-Lewis seriously -- because of his filthy text messages.

The pair have been close friends since working together on My Left Foot -- but there are some communication problems.

Sheridan says that although he contacted the actor following his Golden Globe success for the movie Lincoln, he can't take him seriously, "because he just sends me back dirty text messages".

"I did call him to congratulate him but he always sends me back texts that I can't repeat," Jim (63) said.


"I was talking to him last week -- I was getting serious about something and he said "what are you wearing?"

"I wrote back 'a T-shirt' and he wrote back with something trying to take the piss out of me," said Jim, laughing.

Sheridan believes both Day-Lewis (55) and Lincoln are a shoo-in to pick to pick the best actor and film gongs at the Oscars next month. "Daniel keeps improving and I think he is amazing in Lincoln," said Jim.

Day-Lewis will celebrate his success this weekend in Dublin with close friends Bono and The Edge.

He will fly into Dublin accompanied by his co-star Sally Field and director Steven Spielberg for the European premiere of Lincoln in the Savoy.