Saturday 25 May 2019

'I need to bring out the inner fighter in me', says nervy Erin

Erin relaxes during rehearsals with her Dancing With The Stars partner Ryan McShane
Erin relaxes during rehearsals with her Dancing With The Stars partner Ryan McShane

Former bodybuilder and sister of 'The Notorious', Erin McGregor, is struggling with bouts of intense stage fright ahead of her routine on Dancing With The Stars tomorrow night.

Mother-of-two Erin was overcome with emotion after the first episode of the show.

"I got very emotional and upset on Sunday because the stage fright was real for me," she said.

"I felt that I let myself down. The first few nights this week I didn't really sleep."


Erin is used to competing from her time as a bodybuilder but was unprepared for the spectacle of the show itself.

"I have never had to perform a routine with all the cameras on you and everyone looking at you," she said.

"I was taken aback. I'm trying to bring out that inner fighter in me.

"I know there is a little fighter deep down… I'm trying to think of that and not let the fear in."

Erin says her confidence took a hit following the birth of her son, Harry (17 months).

"After I had Harry, I spent so long at home with him and I loved that. I was so grateful that I was in a position I didn't have to go back to work," she said.

"But after 11 months… I became very anxious… I lost that."

This week is Girls Week and Erin will be competing against comedian Deirdre O'Kane, broadcaster Maia Dunphy, model Alannah Beirne, camogie champion Anna Geary, and publishing powerhouse Norah Casey.

Asked who she reckons her biggest competition is, Erin said: "Myself. If I can get over my stage fright and my own insecurities then that's as good as the Glitterball trophy. I can't ask for any more than that."

Tomorrow night all the McGregor clan - including Conor - are due to be in the audience in Ardmore.

Erin's brother has been a popular topic of conversation in the run up to the contest.

When asked this week if Conor had been giving her tips on how to succeed, she said he had, adding: "But it's a different type of competition and I'm not Conor."

Despite being constantly quizzed about her brother, Erin says she doesn't feel like she's living in his shadow.

"No, I never get frustrated. He is an amazing character and an inspirational person to be around," she said.

"I get it because when I am in his company I feel it. He has the X factor - and I'm very proud to be his sister. I have been very lucky to watch someone live their dream".

Her daughter Taylor (17) will also be in the audience and has been giving her tips.

"She's a freestyle dancer and is telling me keep my head up," Erin added.

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