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I loved playing Love/Hate Aidan's movie wife --Kelly

BEWLEY'S heiress and actress Kelly Campbell said she relished the part of Aidan Gillen's downtrodden wife in a new movie -- but hopes she isn't typecast.

The 32-year-old plays the Love/Hate star's miserable other half in the upcoming thriller The Good Man but said she hopes she picks up some other roles with more variety.

The actor behind gang boss John Boy, Aidan (44) has played everything from an outspoken gay character in Queer As Folk to a clean-cut mayor in The Wire.


And his co-star says she hopes she can pick up a similar range of challenging roles.

"I've played a downtrodden wife in several films and productions," Kelly told the Herald. "I really hope I don't get typecast."

The film follows the story of a married couple whose relationship hits the rocks, after husband Michael (Gillen) accidentally kills a man on his way back from the pub.

"It's quite a dark film," the Swords native said.

"But it was a joy to film. It was lovely playing alongside such an intense actor like Aidan. He's very intelligent, very no nonsense."

"The film shows Michael's world falling apart," Kelly explained.

"He accidentally kills a man after a night out with some friends, and then he has a break down. Needless to say that takes its toll on our marriage. Not all that surprising really," she added.

Playing a woman in the middle of a failing marriage is something Kelly is well used to.

Last year, the talented actress played the lead role of Nora Clitheroe in the Abbey Theatre's staging of The Plough And The Stars.

"That was a great gig," she said. "We did a tour of Ireland and then an international tour. It was great fun and a real privilege."

Kelly is the daughter of Patrick Campbell, who helped reinvigorate the Bewley's group in the 1990s. In 1999 Kelly established the Bewley's Cafe Theatre upstairs with actor Michael James Ford.

Kelly has said setting up the cafe theatre was a dream come true but has no desire to perform there. "I knew the space in Bewley's was there and really wanted it to be used.


"I made a very conscious decision not to act and not to direct because I didn't want it to be a vanity project.

"My initial thinking was, I'll set this up then let it soar. But years later I'm still on the board and still participating."

Kelly is gearing up for the launch of The Good Man which will be shown at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in February.