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I love Ireland so much ... even the weather – Juliette

Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche has opened up about her stay in Ireland, admitting that she was even a fan of our weather.

The French actress, who starred in Irish set flick

“I loved the weather in Ireland,” explained the actress. “The sky is cloudy, but it moves; it never stays the same.”

And it wasn’t just the changeable weather which impressed Binoche (50).

“At night, I was mesmerised by the light you have in Ireland, it’s a very peculiar, painting light.”

The film tells the story of a war photographer who struggles to balance her job and family.

It was made for a reported €5m, and was offered €300,000 from the Irish Film Board.

The flick, which is now being screened at the Irish Film Institute, has been well received abroad and it was picked up in a major deal with global distributor Film Movement to hit cinemas in the US and Canada.


Despite having a string of top films to her name, including The English Patient, for which she won an Oscar in 1997, Binoche said that she spent a lot of her time in Ireland pouring over scripts and getting into character.

“I have to say that I worked quite hard on the script and the director put me in contact with very engaged, committed photographers.”

The actress also said that she took some time before deciding to go with the role as is common practice with all of her work.

“I don’t want to make films that aren’t meaningful to me,” she said.