Tuesday 11 December 2018

I learned who my real friends are, reveals Maxi after exhaustion battle

Maxi, RTE
Maxi, RTE
RTE Radio presenter Maxi was all smiles on the occasion of her retirement after 50 years in showbiz and in RTÉ

DJ Maxi, who will hang up her earphones today after 30 years on radio, has said a battle with severe exhaustion made her reassess her friendships.

Maxi (65 today) presented two shows on RTE Radio One - Late Date from midnight to 2am and Rising Time from 4am to 6am, which she says led to "utter exhaustion" in 2010.

"I hit 60 and it kicked in," she said. "My body shut down and the doctors said I had pushed it for too long and I needed four seasons of rest to recover."

Dubliner Maxi, born Irene McCoubrey, said she kept upbeat throughout the entire year, but it made her reassess her friends.

"As the year went on I felt stronger and could do a little more, bit by bit," she said.

"I'm cherry-picking what I do now and am no longer a 'yes' person. I lost some people from my life when I was ill, and then they tried to come back when I was better but it was too late.

"It can take you a long time to realise some people are only there for the persona. I only want people around me who are there for me."


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