Sunday 17 December 2017

I hate being pregnant - I just feel awful, reveals 2FM star Jennifer Maguire

Jennifer Maguire
Jennifer Maguire
Broadcaster Jennifer Maguire and partner Lau Zamparelli at their wedding in Castle Leslie .
Jennifer Maguire and husband Lanterio Zamparelli at The Vodafone Comedy Festival at Iveagh Gardens, Dublin
2FM's Jennifer Maguire arriving with family and friends.. for her party at Coppinger Row restaurant Picture: Ray Cullen
New Kids on the block !!!!! New Rte 2fm presenters Eoghan McDermott,Jenny Greene,Nicky Byrne,Jennifer Maguire,Bernard O Shea,Lottie Ryan,Keith Walsh Ciara King and Chris Green pictured at the Rte 2fm Summer launch at Rte Studios in Donnybrook, Dublin. Pictures : Brian McEvoy No Repro fee for one use
2fm Republic of Breakfast Presenters Bernard O Shea ,Jennifer Maguire and Keith Walsh pictured at the Rte 2fm Summer launch at Rte Radio Studios in Donnybrook, Dublin. Pictures : Brian McEvoy
2fm Presenter female presenters Ruth Scott,Jennifer Maguire,Lottie Ryan ,Jenney Greene and Ciara King pictured at the Rte 2fm Summer launch at Rte Radio Studios in Donnybrook, Dublin. Pictures : Brian McEvoy
Jennifer Maguire pictured at her wedding. Photo: Alex Hutchinson and Harris PR
Jennifer Maguire on her wedding day

TV and radio presenter Jennifer Maguire has admitted that she is not enjoying her pregnancy.

The Republic of Telly star discovered she was pregnant while on her honeymoon with long-term beau Lau Zamparelli last July.

"I don't enjoy being pregnant, I'm very exited about being a mum, but for me the pregnancy part is not great. Women lie," she said.

"I thought I'd be glowing and I thought I'd be one of those mother nature types and feel amazing, but I don't. I feel horrible all the time."

Jennifer does admit that there are upsides - as she's looking forward to not worrying about her waistline.

"I'm looking forward to being able to get fat and eat what I want," she said.

However, she also admits that celebrity magazines are making her feel bad about herself.

"Apart from a few exceptions, magazines seem to write solely about body image," she said.

"And even women who put on a few pounds when having a baby are ridiculed with pictures of them on a beach or looking tired.


"Of course they're tired. They just had a baby, for God's sake.

"It's not OK to have a spare tyre three weeks after pregnancy. God forbid a year later, according to some of these magazines."

Jennifer has been open about not feeling the best throughout her pregnancy so far, and her hubby has even coined a nickname for her.

"Lau calls me 'Debbie Downer' because since we got married, and on our honeymoon, I've been an absolute misery with sickness," she told RSVP magazine.

"It's been a bit rocky so far. It's great, though, we've been together eight years so it doesn't really feel any different.

"It's just unfortunate I've turned into this Debbie Downer that just wants to kill him most of the time."

The 2fm host is hoping to be back at work shortly after giving birth next March.


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