Monday 22 January 2018

'I had to clean pub toilets on Paddy's Day', reveals style king Darren Kennedy


Darren Kennedy
Darren Kennedy

He might be an accomplished stylist and presenter, but Darren Kennedy started his career with some distinctly unglamorous jobs.

He revealed one of the worst jobs he ever had was when he lived in France.

"One of the most horrible jobs I ever had was cleaning toilets - picture lots of vomit - in a French bar in Bordeaux on Paddy's Day when literally the entire population thought it would be great fun to go to the Irish pub and get lashed," he told the Diary.

"I've done everything from getting coffee to painting fences and mowing lawns over the years."

Darren is currently fronting his new show with Jennifer Maguire called The Unemployables.

In each episode the pair take two unemployed young people under their wings and try to make them employable, but he admits it was hard to motivate some of the participants on the show.

"They get into it and they think we're going to wave a magic wand but it's not glossy TV, it's real and it's hard work," he said.

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