Tuesday 12 December 2017

'I gave him a good old belt' - Victoria Smurfit reveals she beat up Jonathan Rhys Meyers on set of Dracula


Top TV and movie actress Victoria Smurfit says kissing her co-stars is a "bizarre" experience.

While it might look good on screen, Victoria (right) says filming can often be awkward.

"It's bizarre, we have to make it look sexy but in reality it's far from that," she said.

"Usually you're having to move your head two inches this way and then move your hand the other way and it becomes very mechanical."

Some of Victoria's more risque scenes were with fellow Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the now-axed NBC drama, Dracula.

The Dalkey native played Lady Jane Weatherby, an aristocratic, vampire slayer who is unknowingly seduced by Dracula, played by Rhys Meyers.

Their sex scenes were quite intense and she once accidentally "whacked him a good one" during filming.

"It was quite hilarious, but it's pretty brutal, I had bruises everywhere," she said.

"I did give him a good old belt around the shelf. I can't be too delicate."

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