Wednesday 23 January 2019

I find it hard watching myself but it perfects my acting, says Aoibhinn

Aoibhinn McGinnity
Aoibhinn McGinnity
Aoibhinn McGinnity
Aoibhinn McGinnity

Most actors cannot bear to watch themselves on screen, but for Aoibhinn McGinnity it's a useful way to perfect her craft.

The Love/Hate star told the Herald that although she sometimes cringes when she sees herself in action, looking back on her scenes is helpful.

Monaghan-born Aoibhinn turned out for the Dublin screening of her new movie, Poison Pen, at the Irish Film Institute at the weekend.


It was her first time seeing the film - which had its premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh in July - in its entirety.

She said: "It's always nice to see a project a second time anyway because the first time around you're watching it with so many different heads on, so it's good to settle yourself and relax into it.

"I don't think watching yourself is ever something you become amazingly good at, but you have to do it and you do actually learn from it.

"You might not be aware of what your face is actually doing - everyone's natural look is different.

"So I monitor that and I think I try to filter it for various parts."

Aoibhinn (28) will be back on TV later next month with the return of RTE gangland hit Love/Hate.

She plays Trish, the wife of crime kingpin Nidge (Tom Vaughan Lawlor), in the IFTA-winning series, and said the show's legion of fans will be impressed with the fast-paced storyline in season five.

In addition to Love/Hate, Aoibhinn recently saw her latest work, My Whole Half Life, air abroad. "It's a German project and we shot it a while ago in Ireland, but apparently it's done very well, which is fantastic," she said.

Even though she was acting for an overseas audience, Aoibhinn was not required to pick up the language for the part.

"They spoke in German, I spoke in English and I was dubbed, I think," she said. "I must say, I loved the entire experience, it was very interesting."

Aoibhinn also said she would like to follow fellow Monaghan star Charlene McKenna and take on the US.


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