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I feel guilty about being a working mum - Lucy Kennedy


Lucky Kennedy and daughter

Lucky Kennedy and daughter

Lucy Kennedy and son

Lucy Kennedy and son

Lucky Kennedy and daughter

TV3 presenter Lucy Kennedy has spoken of the guilt she feels as a mother working outside the home.

She told how she had to settle her daughter Holly into the creche the week before she began her presenting role with the Late Lunch Live show.

"I found it very difficult and cried on my steering wheel in the car park leaving her - I would imagine that she missed me less than I missed her," said the 38-year-old, who also has a son, Jack.

"But she settled in, loved every single day and has never looked back. Thankfully for me and TV3, I'm the exact same.

"However, there are days when one of the children is sick or days when I'll miss events when I know that I just can't be there, or just days when they want to be with me and me with them.

"That's hard. I feel guilty - guilty that I can't physically be in two places at the same time, or guilty that I have to leave.

"I feel guilty that I don't have more hands or more time in the day. I feel guilty when I know they'd rather I collected them some days, but I can't.


"Like a lot of working mothers outside the home, I have a job that I can't just leave, unless of course it was an emergency.

"But to be honest, when I wasn't working I felt guilty too. I felt guilty that I couldn't afford to give them all the things that I wanted to.

"I felt guilty that they were missing other small people and interaction. I felt guilty when I got grumpy from exhaustion and broken sleep. Let's face it, as mums, we just can't win."

Lucy has now joined MummyPages.ie, Ireland's biggest online community of mothers, and is sharing her insights on her journey as a mother of two young children through regular blog posts on the site.

Mothers who responded to a poll named Lucy as their number one celebrity mum role model.

She attracted 80pc of the votes.