Thursday 18 January 2018

I don't want any nutrition advice from somebody who isn't qualified - Rosanna


Rosanna Davison pictured at the VIP Style Awards at the Marker Hotel in Dublin
Rosanna Davison pictured at the VIP Style Awards at the Marker Hotel in Dublin

She launched her new website last week and now Rosanna Davison says "there's more to come".

The former Miss World has written posts on everything from healthy recipes to choosing her wedding dress and provides an insight into her daily life which she says is really important to her.

She announced last summer that she was working on a lifestyle site and after months of planning, rosannadavisonnutrition.com has finally come to fruition.

"I'm really happy with how it's turned out - it's been hours of work, weekends have been given over to it," she told the Diary.

"There's a lot more to come, there's going to be a recipe of the day and I did a post on make-up and hair looks from the VIP Style Awards the next day.

"I want to keep it a really active website and it's really for people to get lifestyle information and inspiration," she continued.

"It's a bit of everything but it's a reflection of what I'm interested in as well, so rather than just making it about food, it had to be other stuff I'm doing and real-time Instagram and Twitter updates alongside of it as well.


"Also, I was able to reveal the front cover of my cooking book, Eat Yourself Beautiful which is due out in the autumn and I was really delighted about that," she added.

One of the main areas she hopes to explore as well as nutrition, is exercise.

"People always ask me about being a vegan like where I eat, what I cook and what to ask for in restaurants so there'll be advice and tips on how I follow a vegan lifestyle," she said.

"I learned so much preparing for my wedding and I have lots of different tips from preparation and training to feeling your absolute best on your big day and I want to share that with brides-to-be."

The 31-year-old model is a qualified nutritionist and recently said she isn't bothered by other models promoting their health blogs or cook books.

"What's important to me is having my nutrition qualification, because it's very easy to bandy about the idea of healthy eating and I would find it very difficult to take advice from somebody who's not qualified in the area," she said.

"Once you study it, you realise what's healthy and what's not.


"So there's nobody else out there that has my qualification and also has a world title in the beauty area, and can combine them both.

"That's my unique selling point and there's no-one doing that," she added.

Rosanna is set to judge Ladies Day at Punchestown this week with a winner of best dressed every day a nd an all-round winner at the end of the festival.

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