Wednesday 13 December 2017

I can't wait to go back to China and be on telly

THIS year I got to spend time in China and I'm thrilled that I've been asked back.

I'm heading off sometime in the winter for 10 days and fingers crossed everything will work out with my fly-on-the-wall programme on their main broadcaster, CCTV.

We're in talks about the final product at the moment, so I'm really looking forward to 
getting back.

They're very interested, which is so exciting.

At the moment I'm putting everything in place for the next phase of my career and I'm so happy that I've signed with model agent Andrea Roche (pictured).

When I decided a change in representation was due, Andrea was my first choice - because she's a country girl like me.

I love that we're both from Clonmel, us Tipperary folk stick together.

I like the fact that I'm keeping it country and herself, myself and Roz Purcell can all have a laugh.

Already I'm run off my feet with jobs and it's made me realise that I 
definitely want to stay with modelling for as long as I can.

I've already studied and have completed three degrees, so I don't plan on going back to do more any time soon.

I'm very proud to say I have studied that much, but my heart does lie in modelling now.


It's so different to what I was doing previously - stuck in the library like a nerd.

And my family is thrilled for me too.

My mum follows everything I'm doing. Even though my lifestyle has changed dramatically in the last year, I haven't as a person.

I'm still in touch with my old pals from school and everyone I know and love has been extremely supportive.

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