Monday 11 December 2017

I beat depression in the kitchen – Gillick

SPORTS star David Gillick has admitted that focusing on a new career dream has helped him fight off depression.

The 400m champion runner, who yesterday confirmed his retirement, told the Herald that he has found it tough to contemplate life post-athletics.

David was forced to leave athletics as a result of several years of frustrating injury setbacks.

"Finding another high after doing competitive sport is extremely difficult," he said.

"When you are in a position where you're going to the Olympics and the world games and that stops, it's difficult.

"I was worried, I was scared, I was unapproachable. I wasn't talking to people and I wasn't expressing how I was feeling."

The 31-year-old admitted he really struggled when it became clear his time as a runner was at an end.

"I knew the writing was on the wall last year and I was extremely stressed out about it," he said.

"I was down and I had to make a decision to sit and wallow or you can get yourself out there.

"Just keep your mind active. Leaving athletics has left a massive void in my life but I have to see what is out there.

"There was this sense that there was a wet cloud always around me - time is a healer."

David, who turned out to launch his new Sandwich Thins with Johnston Mooney & O'Brien in the capital yesterday, insisted setting new goals has staved off the 
black dog and he's now building 
a career in health and 

"Sport will always be a passion. I have hung up my spikes and am taking a step back from professional sport, but I am thinking of the future.

"I have got time to explore things now that I didn't have time for when I was running."

He is now enjoying a slot on Ireland AM and is keen to write a cookbook as well as host his own food show.

David is now counting down the days until his wedding to English fiancee Charlotte Wickham in August. The couple met in 2007 and got engaged over Christmas.


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