Saturday 20 January 2018

Holly's ex follows her into world of reality telly

SEXY Holly Carpenter has been lighting up our TV screens with her role in Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. And now her ex, former Mr Ireland Jeremy McConnell Cooke is set to follow her into the reality TV world.

Holly (21), who is currently going out with Ireland prop Cian Healy, dated former Shelbourne and Bohemian's player Jeremy for over 18 months. The two parted in 2011, and Jeremy described the break-up as "bitter, because it was all so final".

But after seeing Holly's success on TV, Dubliner Jeremy (23) is now jumping on the reality show bandwagon. He will star in a brand new docu-series for MTV.

"Jeremy has been signed up to do a new reality TV show," a source told The Diary.

"He's off the radar for the next six weeks, no phones, no internet, no nothing.

"It sounds like it's going to be a pretty big show and will help build his profile over there [in the UK]. He is over in Manchester filming at the moment," the source continued.

The doc-series is believed to follow several male models and their hectic lives.

"It's a new format," the source said.

"MTV has had great success with shows like Geordie Shore and The Valleys so it's probably going to be in that vein. But hopefully with less sha**ing.

"The producers really like him; Jeremy is a lovely guy – very down to earth and always speaks his mind so he'll make great TV."

When asked what she made of her ex-boyfriend taking part on the show, Holly declined to comment.

But the Raheny native did admit watching BINTM was much more stressful than she had anticipated.

In fact, Holly is so stressed out she's broken out with a bout of shingles.

"I got this rash all down my back," she told the Diary. "At first I thought it was just a heat rash from the sun.

"But I was at Jonny and Laura's wedding this weekend with Cian and one of the girlfriends said 'I think you have shingles – you probably shouldn't be drinking'.

"They're brought on by stress," she explained. "I just think the combination of being on the show and not knowing how you'll come across and I've been pushing it a bit too hard at the gym. So now I'm just taking it easy and trying to rest as much as I can."

And with her ex become something of a regular on our telly boxes – Holly will need all the R&R she can get.

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