Thursday 23 November 2017

Hayley quits Big Apple to return to arms of Leinster hunk Dave

THEY say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. But it looks as if life in the Big Apple was too tough for Hayley Ryan.

The 25-year-old Assets model has returned from New York and is back in the arms of Leinster rugby star boyfriend Dave Kearney.

The Bambi-eyed brunette headed over to New York with her model pal Michele McGrath earlier this year.

Dublin native Hayley intended to spend the year interning for a marketing company, but after several months slogging away for next to nothing has decided to come home.

"I love New York, but interning is really tough. It's exhausting and it's really expensive," she told the Diary.

And Hayley is delighted there's no longer an ocean between herself and her man.

"We stayed together when I was out there and we're still together now," she said. "It's nice being back."

Dave (right) has been dating Hayley for over two years. The two met on a night out after mutual friends introduced them.

A friend close to the couple said that, since Hayley's return, the pair have been inseparable.

"The two of them are completely smitten. They did the long-distance thing when she was out there – Skyping and texting – but obviously she really missed him.

"She loved Manhattan but she found it hard being away from Dave and her family. She has a good thing going here so it makes sense she came home."

While her American dream may not have worked out as planned, Hayley says she's enjoying being in Dublin.

"I'm in good form, although it's taking some time adjusting to this weather. I spent a good bit of time in Miami and left that sunshine for this," she laughs.


Hayley has been spending time catching up with her model pals Georgia Salpa and Karena Graham and is back working as a hostess at Dublin hop spot Buck's Townhouse.

But the sultry model may be leaving the world of posing and pouting behind her, as she tries to become a fashion stylist.

"Being in New York gave me some clarity and perspective," she said.

"It made me realise that fashion is the one thing I am really passionate about. So I'm going to see what things are like on the other side of the lens – I want to start working as a stylist.

"I know I can't be a model for ever – I'm too small. So I've started helping out on shoots."

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