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Hathaway gives a shout out to 'dear' Irish cousin Noel


Anne Hathaway poses with her award for best actress in a supporting role for "Les Miserables"

Anne Hathaway poses with her award for best actress in a supporting role for "Les Miserables"

Anne Hathaway poses with her award for best actress in a supporting role for "Les Miserables"

Hollywood A-Lister Anne Hathaway has spoken of her Irish heritage and given a shout out to one of her cousins here.

The star, whose new movie Interstellar will hit cinema screens this week, said her mother's maiden name is McAuley and her grandmother's name was Sinnott.

Speaking to Newstalk's Pat Kenny, the 31-year-old gave a shout out to her "dear, dear cousin Noel".

The Devil Wears Prada actress's family is believed to originate from Cork and Donegal. She has previously said she would like to relocate to Ireland, but that the weather would be a big turn-off.

Hathaway, who played Catwoman in the most recent Batman movie, is reunited with her Dark Night Rises director Christopher Nolan for Interstellar.

"Normally, I would wait to read the script to see if I take a movie role, but when I heard it was Chris Nolan I took it immediately," she told Kenny.

"I've worked with Chris before and he's an amazing director. He asked me, 'Do you want to read the script?' And I thought, 'Yes, that would probably be a good thing'."


Once she had read the script, it took time for her to understand the role of the character she was meant to play.

"When I first looked, I couldn't get my head around my character, Amelia. I would read it over and over again and bang my head off the wall because I couldn't understand her," she said.

Hathaway also told of the demanding filming schedule for Interstellar, but admitted that she had it easier than most of her co-stars.

"Matthew McConaughey had a pretty long schedule because he was involved in almost every scene, but in the months we were filming I got time off and was able to take breaks here and there."

The film is expected to be a hit at the box office, and has already generated buzz about its potential to scoop some Oscars.

Hathaway also spoke about her nerves in some of her film roles, in particular the musical Les Miserables, because of her fear of performing songs that had been sung by renowned artists before her.

"I was worried because I knew I wouldn't sing it as well as people had previously. I also knew that I had to sing it differently," she said.

Since filming Interstellar, Hathaway has taken on some roles in a number of smaller movies and plans to step away from acting for the next few months and take a break.

"I've made a couple of films, but now I plan on taking a break from acting for a while and stepping back from the spotlight," she said.