Thursday 18 January 2018

Graham's ex reveals all about life with star

PRIVATE flights to New York for his dogs and falling asleep in the dogs' bed – this is the personal side of Graham Norton.

The BBC chatshow host's ex-partner Trevor Patterson (30) has opened up about their relationship and he revealed how he was devastated when they split in October last year.

The fashion consultant said he always felt there were four in the relationship – Trevor, Graham and his two dogs – Madge and Bailey.

Trevor said he was "amazed" when Graham decided to fly his two dogs out to New York because he couldn't bear to be without them.

"He would be the first to say that it was a ridiculously extravagant thing to do," he said.

"He wanted them to experience the city for themselves. But when we got there he decided they didn't like it for some reason.

"When he works away, he has a dog sitter who comes to stay in the house, and he takes them to the studio with him when he's filming."

Trevor, who lived with the Corkonian (50) in his posh London home, said in an interview that Graham was religious about going for a walk with the dogs before sleep.

"Three or four times I found him asleep in the dog bed in the kitchen, but I've learned that he could fall asleep anywhere," he said.

Former Fr Ted star Graham Norton is one of the highest paid TV stars in Britain, earning £1.5m (€1.7m) a year – and his company So TV was sold to ITV for £10m (€11.5m) last year, with a £7m (€8m) bonus if revenues hit targets.

Trevor said that he was regularly concerned about Graham's level of drinking – but that it never affected his work or level of commitment.

"I was surprised by how much he drank, although I was right there with him," he said.

"He has a hard time winding down [after his TV show]. It's probably the Irish in him, but he never showed any signs of wear and tear the next day."


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