Sunday 17 December 2017

Going for the golden girl: Jennifer's Katie Taylor impression a knock-out

Jennifer Maguire as Katie Taylor
Jennifer Maguire as Katie Taylor
Jennifer Maguire

Katie Taylor has found herself at the receiving end of a Jennifer Maguire satire.

This time the TV personality is performing her own version of Taylor Swift's Shake it Off, incorporating her own unique lyrics about the boxer.

The Republic of Telly star sings about Katie Taylor's(28) defeats of Eastern European women and her tough training regime, getting the boxer's impression spot on as always.

The song got a good reception on the airwaves yesterday, but if the Bray-born Olympic gold medalist feels the same is up for debate.

Jen (32), who is expecting her first child, aired the song entitled Box it Off on 2FM yesterday.

Maguire previously stated her fear of being on the end of the boxer's retaliation, after she performed another skit on Katie earlier this year.


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