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Glamourous ...? Dublin Wives paid paltry payment of €125 per episode

THEY may be pulling in the ratings but another series of Dublin Wives could be lost if the producers don't splash more cash on their talent.

The cast members of TV3's reality show were paid a paltry €1,000 each to appear in the reality TV series.

The series stars socialites Jo Jordan, Virginia Macari, Danielle Meagher, Roz Flanagan and Lisa Murphy.

Dublin Wives focuses on the glamorous lifestyles of the wives as they attend showbiz events and take business trips to New York.

But the ladies who lunch are less than happy about their fee -- which works out at just €125 an episode.


'Dr Botox' Danielle Meagher said that she would like to see their fees increased.

"If I was to do another season, I would certainly not be doing it for that kind of money. I would want an awful lot more than that," Danielle said.

It is also rumoured that the stars were not given any allowance for wardrobe and had to cover their own expenses.

But series producer John Norton has defended the wages as a 'token fee' paid out to the five women.

He said: "There really isn't that much money to be made doing reality television in Ireland.

"We work with tiny budgets compared to similar reality series in the UK and US."

The budget for the show is remarkably low at just €15,000 for each half-hour episode.

This is miniscule when compared with Love/Hate's budget, which costs between €500,000 and €600,000 an episode.

But despite its shoestring budget, Dublin Wives is performing well in the ratings and its first episode of the new series on Monday night drew an average audience of 262,000 to the station.

Sources said that producers are going to have to up their game if they want the series to return and if they want to hang on to arguably their most entertaining cast members.

On top of this plans for another series have been put on hold until TV3 following the departure of Ben Frow.

"There is no guarantee the new incoming director of programmes of TV3 will want Dublin Wives. They may want to commission their own series," a source said.